Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cotton Cake

When i saw this post of cotton cake at Nasi Lemak Lover (via Jane's Corner) i knew i had to bake it that very night my bf bought me a new stand mixer, i was so happy!! i was literally jumping with joy although its not Kitchenaid (it's my dream to own a Kitchenaid stand mixer but i couldn't bear to buy it on my own) still it was a pretty red stand mixer the brand was Techno, i think Techno is consider quite a old brand for household stove appliances and was quite trustworthy so my bf bought it for me and so i proceeded to bake the Cotton cake with a joyous mood but to my dismay after the mixing of the egg whites i gotten this view in the mixing bowl after washing it....

now i really do not know what happened during the mixing process to cause this big pop up i remember very vividly that it was a flat surface and i was staring in shock at it i have to bring it back to the electrical shop tmr =( and change to the Severin Brand that my bf saw but he bought Techno coz the guy claim that Techno was better sigh sometimes its really very hard to trust salesman or am i just plain unlucky.

Anyway here are pictures of the Cotton Cake it's incredibly soft and the taste is yummy well liked by my family =D

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