Monday, July 12, 2010

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

I'm not able to bake tonight what a waste when i finally have a day off from my mum's stall but my mum want to cook up a feast when most of the dishes are what i couldn't eat (i had 3 of my moles removed last week and they have not heal yet and my mum ban me from eating this and that so i wondered why did she cook so much food that i can't eat it's so unfair =(.

Anyway i spotted the potatoes after dinner and this recipe from Ree The Pioneer Woman comes to mind immediately.

mine looks a bit on the dry side i used canola margarine because my mum is eating vegetarian today (so i wonder why did she cook up so much food that we both can't eat tsk tsk) and i didn't add in half n half because i didn't have it in my storage =( but anyway the taste of the final product is delicioussss absolutely a must try recipe for potatoes lovers out there. Thanks Ree for sharing!!!

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