Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ondeh Ondeh

Its a late night for me again.. yawn... sitting in front of my notebook after my shower blogging on my latest attempt for a dear friend of mine whom I've known for more then a decade how times flew when we growing up and now we are nearing our 30s (she's gonna hit 30 next year haha) she requested for me to learn this so that i could make them for her so after searching all over i finally settled on Baking Mum's recipe for this soft chewy Ondeh Ondeh. Thanks HB for sharing this recipe the tapioca flour really yields a soft chewy dough, those Ondehs bought outside always taste rubbery and i finally stopped buying them and i once tried to make them and resulted in floury taste in the dough but these are absolutely delicious but i need some help with the gula melaka though some of the gula melaka didn't melt throughly and are overly sweet could someone spare me some advice it's very much appreciated and thank you in advance.

chewy chewy texture with oozing gula melaka 

the dough after kneading
rolled into balls with the gula melaka enclosed
ondehs ready once they float to the surface of the water
the final product =)

Note: i used the japanese sweet potato,the dough would be slightly dry after mixing ingredients HB method was to add in tbsp of water until you reached the right texture i added in tbsp of pandan juice instead the pandan fragrance when eaten is a pleasure to my taste bud =)


Pei-Lin said...

Technically speaking, I've tried making ondeh-ondeh twice when I was in the States. You wouldn't believe me when I say this: I replace gula melaka with brown sugar! That was one of the stupidest decisions I'd ever made in my life! Wrong move! The tragic episode is now a repressed memory. I just "dug it out" because of your ondeh-ondeh post. LOL!

Hmmm ... Perhaps you didn't boil the kuih long enough to have the gula melaka melted completely? Or, you can try chop gula melaka up smaller than what you had before? Not too small though; otherwise, you're gonna end up in that brown-sugar nightmare of mine ... LOL!

OK, thanks for inspiring me and reminding me again. It's not a repressed memory anymore. I'll try to make ondeh-ondeh when time allows. I just wish there's an army to help me finish the thing! I can't eat them up all by myself! The next thing you know is a female sumo wrestler! LOL!

Appreciate your effort to blog in the wee hours of the morning. Don't overwork yourself, yea?

j3ss kitch3n said...

lol what happened with the ondeh with the brown sugar? i did chopped up quite small but still it clamp up together again after a short while yeah the amount is too much man i give up rolling after i ask my family have they had enuff but my sis's bf came over in ard 12midnight and he wanted to eat and i started rolling again its tiring man lol and my family now requested for durian ondehs due to the over excess durian in the refrigerator and with everyone down with cough and flu no one is touching them sigh could i replace the durian ondeh with durian cakes i couldn't find durian ondeh recipe online

WendyinKK said...

maybe you can try chopping the palm sugar really fine, then, moisten the sugarwith some water so that you can clump it up. The extra moisture will help with the melting.
Plam sugar taste less sweet than white sugar, so if you find it to be too sweet, you can only reduce the sugar amount or increase the "skin".

You can make durian ondeh, just freeze the pulp in a pan, then cut it into 1cm cubes. Keep the frozen solid when when you wrap them. Use the "skin" recipe that you prefer

j3ss kitch3n said...

thanks a million wendy for your tips!!

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